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Sulawesi island has 5 provinces, they are:

Fast Fact about North Sulawesi:
Capital: Manado. Rivers: Tondano, Paguat, Dumoga, Polgar, Ranoyapo and Ongkang Mongondow. Mountains: Baliohutu, Gambuta, Poneki, Soputan, Klabat, Lokon and Lolombulan. Lakes: Tondano and Limboto. Flora: Cempaka (Emmerlia Ovalis), Ironwood (Intsia Biyoga), Nantu (Palogium Sp.), Resin, Rattan and Enau (Arenga Pinnata). Fauna: Anoa, Bear, Monkey, 'kuskus', Deer, Maleo Bird (Macrocephalon), Owls, 'kumkum' and Wild Hen. Food Crops: Rice, Corn, Peanut and Greenpeas. Commercial Crops: Coconut, Clove, Cacao, Coffee and Nutmeg. Fish Products: Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Barramundi, Anchovy, Shrimp, Bastern Little Tuna, Gouramy, Common Carp, Tilapia, Puntius. Forest Products: Rattan, Resin, Incense and Sawn Timber. Mining: Sulphur, Copper, Gold and Iron. Handicraft: Kerawang (Open-Work Embroidery), Carving, Rattan and Bamboo Plaitings. Tourist Attractions: There are 41 tourist resorts, some of them are the Bunaken Sea Garden, Remboken Tasik Ria, Sawangan, Natural Preservation of Tangkoko Batuangus, Dumoga Bone National Garden and Saronde Sea Garden..

Fast Fact about Gorontalo:
: Gorontalo Physical Features: This province is composed of a large part of the northern peninsular of Sulawesi island.It is mountainous witha small fertile coastal plain. Population: 827.563 Area: 12.215 sq. kms Mountains: Tobongo, Baliohuto, Gambuta, Pontolo, Lakes: Limboto. Flora: Cempaka (Emmerlia ovalis), ironwood (Instia biyoga), nantu (Palagium Sp), resin, rattan and enau (Arenga pinnata). Fauna: Anoa, bear, monkey, kukus, deer, maleo bird (Macrocephalon), owls, kumkum and wild hen. Exports: Plywood, processed wood, veneer, rattan, resin, cacao, coconut cake, coconut oil, frozen shrimps and fish, copper, gold. Food Crops: Rice, corn, peanut and soybean. Commercial Crops: Coconut, clove, cacao, coffee and cotton. Fish Products: Tuna, skipjack tuna, barramundi, shrimp, anchovy, travelly, mackerel and garfish. Forest Products: Rattan, resin, log, processed wood and eucalyptus. Mining: copper and gold. Tourist Attractions: "Pantai Indah" is suitable for relaxing, Otanaha Fortress a shelter and defense base of the Gorontalo King during colonial era. It is said that the fortress was built by a mixture of sand, calcium and eggs of Maleo Bird. Located in the western part of Dembe village, Reachable by local transportation. Lombongo hot springs, lake Limboto, sea garden around Saronde island, nature reserves, Otanaha old fortress, Oranye old fortress, etc.

Fast Fact about Central Sulawesi:
Capital: Palu. Rivers: Lakes: Poso, Lindu. Mountains: Takolekaju Range, Waukara, Tombila, Porekautimbu, Bukitilu, Tokala, Nokilalaki, Flora: Cloves, Coconut, Rattan, Meranti (Dipterocarpaceae). Fauna: Monkey, Anoa, Exports: Coconut products - copra, cloves Timber, Rattan. Food Crops: Rice, Corn, Peanut And Soybean. Commercial Crops: Coconut, Clove, Cacao, Coffee And Pepper. Fish Products: Salt Water Fish. Forestry: Rattan, Resin, Incense And Logs, Tourist Attractions: Palu- Central Sulawesi Museum, Grave of Dato Karama, Tolare Tribe, Souraja Museum, Donggala, Poso, Talise Beach, Tirta Bahari Beach, Bulu Masomba, Mamboro Beach, Loli Indah Park, Vera Recreational Park, Bora, Mantikole, Pangalasaing Island, Lore Lindu national Park, Bada Valley, Luwuk, Peleng Island, Banggai Island, Una-una Island, Toli-toli. .

Fast Fact about Southeast Sulawesi:
Capital: Kendari. Rivers: Konaweha, Lalumputi, Lalindu, Sompana and Lasolo. Mountains: Mengkoka. Flora: Teak, Mangroce, Banyan, Ebony and Rattan. Fauna: Anoa, Maleo Bird, Monkey, Sus Scrofa Linnaeous, Clumbinae. Food Crops: Rice, Corn, Peanut and Soybean. Commercial Crops: Coconut, Clove and Cacao. Fish Products: Giant Gouramy, Common Carp, Milk Fish, Tilapia, Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Anchovy and Shrimps. Forest Products: Rattan, Resin, Incense, Log and Honey. Mining: Petroleum, Lng, Tin, Nickel, Asphalt, and Ferro Nickel. Industries: Coconut Oil, Floor Tiles, Car Tyres, Furniture, Gold and Silver Handicraft Industries. Tourist Attractions: Napabale-Motonu No (Lake in Muna and caves facing the sea), Mayaria Kasilampe in Kendari (seaside panorama seaport), Nirwana seaside in Buton, Buton Palace.

Fast Fact about South Sulawesi:
Capital: Ujungpandang Food Crops: corn, peanuts, soybean, chocolate and rubber. Fishery produce: tuna fish, skipjack tuna, barramundi, shrimp, anchovy, common carp, tilapia and milk fish. Forest Products: rattan, resin, and ebony, Mining: manganese, nickel, silver, cement, and petroleum. Exports: rattan, resin, and nickel. Tourist Destinations: The province of South Sulawesi is a major Indonesian tourist destination with direct many links overseas. This province has many unique tourist objects. The Tana Toraja district is a major attraction. The old Dutch Fort the "Benteng Rotterdam" in Ujungpandang and Somba Opu fort in the district of Gowa are also popular. The construction of pinisi ships in the village of Bira in the district of Bulukumba. Both the Bughis and the Makassans come form this area and they have been the most famous sailors throughout the history of the archipelago. Ujungpandang is a major airport and seaport. Passenger Pelni liners call here frequently.